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10 March 2015 – HOY Communication Forum

When: 18 March (Wednesday); please note change of date – was Tuesday now Wednesday.
Where:  Main Arena in front of RAS tent.
Time:  5.30pm – 7.00pm (Start time is reliant on events in arena being finished.
Bring:  Your own seat
Format of meeting – general meeting rules apply.  The point of meeting is to receive constructive feedback as to how the show season has gone for the equestrian community.  If people have specific questions that they would like to table it would be helpful if they were sent to RAS Head Office via email before the meeting to ensure the meeting panel has the right information to call on.

13 February 2015 – Draft Equestrian Rulebook

Please read the briefing notes carefully and note the feedback date of 13 March 2015.

Draft Rulebook – website version

13 February 2015 – HOY Rankings

After the 2014 HOY Show, the RAS HOY Showing Committee held a debrief meeting.  The resolution from that meeting was a ranking system would be used for placings based on the RAS 60/40 judging criteria. Rankings 1-10 will be made available.

12 February 2015 – HOY rule CO14

It has been noted there has been considerable debate over the interpretation of rule CO 14 on Facebook.  It is a shame good old common sense was not used as suggested by some people. 

The rule has been in existence and operated there for some time. There has been no change to the rule or its operation.

It has applied to the collecting rings and showing arenas.

If people are going to set themselves up on the side of the ring, with plainly displayed branding and advertising, in clear view of the judges, they can expect to be spoken to. That would be a matter for the HOY Showing Committee.  

If people are going about their daily business going to and from the yards, wash area, horse floats etc once again common sense must prevail.  It is very unlikely the judges are going to have time to observe their movements and what rugs or garments they are wearing and so there is no issue.

8 January 2015 – Forum for riders & exhibitors planned.

Click the link -Memo – Pilot Communication Forum

27 November 2014 – ESNZ LEVIES

The Royal Agricultural Society and ESNZ Jumping have been working together on the collection of start levies at the Feilding Show on 5th & 6th of December 2014.

We are pleased to announce we have jointly agreed on a solution which will be used for the Feilding show. A number of riders have paid their start levies to the show organisers directly. Others have sent their levies directly to ESNZ Jumping.

For the riders who have not utilised either way of paying, there will be a rider’s representative collecting any unpaid levies at the show.ESNZ Jumping staff will then collate these three different lists and sources of payments. Series points and Show Hunter qualifying points will be awarded to all those riders who have paid their levies.

The support of riders and the show organisers is appreciated.


7 November 2014 -ESNZ LEVIES

RAS Head Office’s view on the collection of show jumping levies has not changed – this matter is still up for discussion.  RAS Head Office is having ongoing communication with ESNZ and has asked ESNZ to individually work with the shows affected this year and not penalise the shows or the riders for a situation not of their making.  RAS Head Office have asked for a meeting to be made high priority and to be involved in any further discussions on the matter.


7 November 2014 - Equestrian Wins database

Now live – follow procedure for search horse/pony – http://www.ras.org.nz/equestrian/horse-search/

Important that the following memo is read – Memo Equestrian Parties – Equestrian Database


6 November 2014 - ESNZ LEVIES.

In relation to unsanctioned & sanctioned events relating to ESNZ, a post has been placed on the ESNZ website – see http://www.nzequestrian.org.nz/esnz/news/2014/november/sanctioned-unsanctioned-events/

This is nothing to do with the A&P Showing movement flat classes and/or Working Hunter/Round The Ring.

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