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RULEBOOK 2016 – Final v2

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These inserts cover the changes made for 2016.



RAS Resolution Process


RAS Yellow Card





RAS Administrative Manual
Section 1: Showing Rules & Regulations 2015  (No changes for 2016)
Section 2: RAS Organization Details (2016)
Section 3: District Information 2016-17
Section 4: RAS Equestrian Information 2016 pages

RAS Equestrian Information – Judge’s List
available for members only.

Section 5: Health & Safety Manual

This has been sent to all members.  Please contact RAS Head Office for more information.


2017 Remits

There are 17 remits in total, 1-15 are equestrian related however many of them are minor changes for clarity or to ensure our system works more efficiently.  Remits 1-3 are part of a bigger picture, and to take the equestrian showing movement forward as per the feedback from the equestrian forums.  Remit 16 is direct from the Alpaca Association regarding TB requirements and remit 17 is direct from the Ayrshire Society re showing of purebred livestock.

All remits will be discussed at the District AGMS.  If you are unable to attend the AGM or have any enquiries, please ensure you make contact with the people submitting the remit.

Voting rights for postal voting are accorded to the Ordinary Members (A&P Associations/Societies and Breed/Kindred Societies).  Voting papers will be sent out in due course and they are due back to RAS Head Office by the 15 June.  Note voting papers can now be sent by email as well as post. Voting rights as follows –
Remits 1-15 (all A&P Associations and Equestrian Breed/Kindred Societies
Remit 16  (all Member Associations)
Remit 17 (all Member Associations)

Any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact the CEO at RAS Head Office.

RAS Remit 2017 – One – Microchipping

RAS Remit 2017 – Two & Three – Competitor Membership & Fees- Horse & Pony Registration

RAS Remit 2017 -Four – Classification from first adult measure

RAS Remit 2017 – Five – Compulsory Riding Helmets

RAS Remit 2017 – Six – Conformation Judging Explanation

RAS Remit 2017 – Seven – MSS Working Hunter Horse Classes

RAS Remit 2017 – Eight – Novice pony exhibits – novice riders

RAS Remit 2017 – Nine – First Ridden Section vs Combination v2

RAS Remit 2017 – Ten – Schedules

RAS Remit 2017 -Eleven- Results

RAS Remit 2017 – Twelve – Protests

RAS Remit 2017 – Thirteen – Te Aroha – Change of Classification

RAS Remit 2017 – Fourteen- Whangarei – Life Measure

RAS Remit 2017 -Fifteen – Shetland Pony Soc – Use of Bit

RAS Remit 2017 – Sixteen – Alpacas Llamas (TB)

RAS Remit 2017- Seventeen – Ayrshire NZ – Purebred