Approved Test Stewards may conduct random forbidden substance tests at any time,

from any pony/horse/donkey/mule that:

– enters the grounds of any RAS affiliated Show or Event

– competes in any class or section at any RAS affiliated Show or Event

– attends any Measuring Day at an RAS Measuring Stand


Drugs or Forbidden Substance means any substance capable of affecting the speed, stamina, courage or conduct of a horse/pony/donkey/mule by its action upon the central or peripheral nervous system or the cardio-vascual, respiratory, alimentary, digestive, muscoskeletal or urogential systems.


Any person who refuses to permit a sample or samples (of blood and/or urine) to be taken from any horse/pony/donkey/mule commits a breach of these rules.


2016/2017 Show Season Testing

The Royal Agricultural Society of NZ is pleased to advise that all testing undertaken for the 2016/2017 Show season, returned negative results.  Thank you to all those Persons Responsible (PR’s) for their co-operation.

2015 Rulebook – Forbidden Substance Rules, Tab 6, pages 1-5


NATIONAL CONVENOR:  Mrs Maxine Mulligan