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PLEASE NOTE: As data is being loaded on to the website it is inevitable that errors will be made. While all care is taken – some handwriting is not legible and it is a best guess scenario when trying to interpret it. There is also good old human error on all sides. In addition to this there may be a backlog of measuring forms to load in to the system, which may be why your horse/pony does not feature or details haven’t been updated – until we can afford to employ dedicated staff to undertake the specific job of equestrian data input, we all need to bear with the system and work with it. We do apologize for any inconvenience; however this is the reality of the situation.

If it is a simple spelling mistake, please notify the equestrian co-ordinator Any other details – new owner, change of section, change of address etc need to be verified with the actual ID form. There is the choice of sending your ID form to RAS Head Office (PO Box 54, Woodend 7641) with the necessary changes and a prepaid, self addressed envelope or when you next get your horse/pony measured, ensure the measuring stand notes the appropriate changes.

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