The Royal Agricultural Society (RAS) is a ‘Royal’ chartered organisation that oversees and supports 96 annual A&P shows and events across New Zealand, each with its own committee and show plus 67 kindred and breed societies.  The breed societies hold themselves as guardians of many of New Zealand’s domestic animal bloodlines.

The RAS has celebrated agriculture and New Zealand’s rural lifestyle and communities since 1924, although some A&P Shows have been annual events long before then.  The RAS has six regions with their own leadership and planning as well as a national executive elected by the members.

Supporting our members to promote rural excellence, sustainability and innovation is key to the organisation.

Including being an umbrella organization for the A&P Shows and Breed Societies the RAS is  represented by the United Breed Society and the Horse Stewards Councils, and continues to promote its key visions through a number of competitions run throughout the year for which the RAS is the convenor.

The RAS also promotes the development of agricultural, pastoral, horticultural, stock-raising and forestry resources in New Zealand.

The RAS of NZ is a member of the Royal Agricultural Society of the Commonwealth, which offers links to the farming community and shows on an international basis.

Honorary Life Member and Past President Hugh Treadwell has written a comprehensive history on the RAS from 1923-2003 and this is detailed in the book Show Biz..  To order a copy of Show Biz ($50 includes P & P) or for more details please contact Hugh on [email protected]