HOY Dates for 2020   –  10th to 15th March  

  • Entry Closing Date – 1 February 2020
  • Qualification & Attendance Form Closing Date – 23 February 2020  – to [email protected]  
  • Entries or Qualification Forms received after their respective due dates above, will not be accepted.

List of RAS affiliated Shows and their HOY qualifying sections, as supplied to RAS Head Office for HOY 2020

Please note where it says  2021 HOY, this show is after the qualifying date in 2020 (22 February) which means the attendance and/or qualification goes through to 2021 HOY.

2020 HOY Showing Section Schedule, Conditions of Entry, Qualification & Attendance Information and Form – please ensure you read all of the information

Showing Section Schedule –HOY 2020 Showing Section Schedule v2 – Website

Conditions of Entry – RAS Showing Section Conditions of Entry and Rules 2020

Qualification & Attendance Information – RAS Showing Section Qualification & Attendance Information 2020

Qualification & Attendance Form – RAS Showing Section Certificate of Qualification & Attendance form 2020

2020 Workouts for Showing Section


2020 HOY Timetable – please note: approx. start times only

  • Will be uploaded here in February 2020

2020 HOY Showing Section Judges

  • Margaret Frickers (AUS)
  • Melissa Jebson (NZ)
  • Joanne Jefferson (UK)
  • Janice Macdonald (NZ)
  • Denise McPherson (NZ)
  • Daniel Park (UK)
  • Joanne Shaw (UK)
  • Alan Windle (NZ)


Please refer to Equestrian Entries website for full results from 2019 HOY.