ER 8 k) of the RAS Equestrian Rules for RAS Affiliated Shows/Events, Competitors, Exhibitors and Judges state that

  1. Where the possession of a horse/pony, but not the ownership is transferred to another person.  Only leases/partnerships registered with the RAS are recognised or, in the case of breed classes, leases/partnerships are registered with the affiliated Breed Society and copied to the RAS.
  2. For any horse/pony that is not under the control of the owner, and where there is no formal registered lease/partnership lodged with the RAS, any issues arising in relation to that horse/pony becomes the responsibility of the competitor/exhibitor, handler, driver, or person resident of New Zealand or otherwise, in charge of the horse/pony that is exhibited at the Show/Event.

As from June 2010 all Leases or Partnerships of Horses/Ponies are processed through the RAS Head Office.

The following Lease/Partnership Form can be downloaded…