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10 April 2016 – RAS Equestrian Youth Squad
Congratulations to the following equestrian youth (listed in alphabetical order) who have been chosen to represent RAS of NZ in the inaugural equestrian team event between the United Kingdom, Australia and NZ.

Lily Moss

Tyler Porteous

Chloe Roach

Amy Sage

Denby-Rose Tait

Maia Waretini

1 April 2016 – Equestrian Youth Initiative
 Entries have now closed.  The quality of the applicants has been outstanding, and the panel will have their work cut out to decide on the representative team.  The team will be announced later this month.
10 March 2016

ESNZ has advised dates for 2017 HOY are 6-12 March

RAS will be meeting with ESNZ and HOY representatives in the next month to discuss the 2017 Show.  Updates regarding all matters to do with the RAS Showing Section at HOY will be made available via the RAS website.

10 February 2016
Morrinsville A&P have cancelled the Dressage classes at their forthcoming Show.  Thank you

20 January 2016 –

Royal Agricultural Society Equestrian Youth Initiative


RAS of NZ invites applications for positions in the RAS of NZ Equestrian Youth Squad to visit the UK in July – August 2016.

To apply for this opportunity you must be a registered financial member of the RAS or an affiliated Society to the RAS of NZ, guide age 14 – 19 years inclusive.

We understand that four to six positions are available, for suitably qualified members.

The selection process will have some flexibility to ensure RAS of NZ sends a strong squad that meets the set criteria.

Information and Application Forms are available on the RAS website www.ras.org.nz – Equestrian – Youth


22 December 2015 – Qualifying Schedules for HOY
There has been some confusion over which shows are running which qualifying sections.  A new schedule has been placed on the website under the HOY listing. This lists the shows (that have submitted their schedules for qualification) with what sections qualify.  The qualifying sections relate to what is needed to qualify for that particular section at HOY.  For example.  To enter for one of the Rider title classes, you need to have received two firsts in the particular age group, plus have your three show attendance. (Your age class you are entering at HOY must reflect the age class you received a first placing in.) The Show Qualifying  Schedules have been split in to age groups so you can easily identify which shows are running which qualifying age groups.


11 December 2015 – Revised HOY Schedule
Revised HOY Showing Section Schedule is now available for viewing on the website – Equestrian Section / HOY Page.

20 November 2015 – Comment re Bearing Reins

Rule states; GR5 d); page 3 of General Rules – Bearing Reins or similar tackle shall not be used anywhere on the Show/Event’s grounds, nor shall martingales attached to the curb rein be allowed.

The question has been raised as to whether this means no side reins are allowed when lunging a pony or horse e.g. with a cold backed young horse or pony.

The Horse Steward’s Council Executive considered the following

  1. “What was the intent of the rule?”

It was resolved the intent of the rule was to prevent ponies having their heads tied to their chest via side reins and being lunged for hours on end.

  1. “Has the rule as it is written gone beyond the intent and interfered with what would otherwise be acceptable and reasonable practice?”

It was resolved some horses and ponies require lunging for health and safety reasons before being ridden and this should be allowed.

It was therefore resolved that for the purposes of interpretation, ruleGR5 d) allows the use of side reins for lunging purposes only, nothing else will be permitted; however regardless of the rule and its intent, if anyone observes what they feel is mistreatment of an animal, they should lodge a complaint with the show immediately.

The Horse Steward’s Council Executive made the following recommendation to the RAS Executive and this recommendation was accepted.

30 October 2015 – Details RAS Central District Stockman’s Weekend



29 October 2015 – Novice Qualification – HOY

Thank you to all those competitors and exhibitors who have sent in feedback regarding the novice ruling and how it affected qualifying for HOY.  When putting together the new equestrian rulebook and the new qualifying schedule, the impact this would have on novice horses and ponies had not been fully thought through.  We apologise for any inconvenience this may have caused and advise the following policy will be applied for this year’s show season and the 2016 HOY in regard to novice horses and ponies qualifying for Rising Star Horse or Pony.Rising Star Horse or Pony

– A Rising Star Exhibit is a horse/pony that was a Novice as at August 1st 2015, excluding a Lead Rein Pony or a First Ridden Combination Pony.

 -A Rising Star is not to have competed in the Rising Star section at HOY Show more than twice.

 -A Rising Star is one that has not won a Rising Star Title at any previous HOY Show.

 A Rising Star may compete in open title classes if they have the necessary qualifications.

 -Adults may ride Rising Star ponies that have Novice Status at the time of Competition.

 QUALIFICATION: To have won 1 x Champion or 2 x Reserve Champions in Novice or Open Conformation classes in their respective sections at qualifying shows since 1st August 2015.

 A completed Certificate of Qualification must accompany entry


6 October 2015 – HOY

  • Showing Section Qualification Information and Form is now available to download – www.ras.org.nz / equestrian section / Schedule page.

9 September 2015 – Rule Update

All RAS affiliated Shows/Events were asked to send their Show Schedule to RAS Head Office to be reviewed by the Horse Stewards Council Executive (HSCEx), if they wished to run sections as per MSS and be a Horse of the Year Qualifier.  Show Schedules that have been received and reviewed, their HOY qualification section status are listed on our website – www.ras.org.nz / equestrian section / Schedule 

page.  This page is updated regularly, and it is the responsibility of the competitor/exhibitor to ensure that you check this prior to competing/exhibiting at a RAS affiliated Show/Event if you want your  win, Champion or Reserve Champion, to go towards your qualification status for HOY 2016.

  • CDE 1. d)  Equestrian Title Winners – means ‘Open Conformation Title’ winners.  Winners of Paced and Mannered, Newcomer, Rising Star or other similar classes, are not ‘Open Conformation Title’ wins.
  •  CDE 11.    Age of Riders/Handlers are as at 1 August – for all competitors/exhibitors at RAS Affiliated Shows/Events.


4 September 2015 – HOY 2016 Competitors


The new RAS Rulebook were voted in by members this year, and within this Rulebook there is a Minimum Standard Schedule (MSS) which RAS affiliated Shows/Events can run sections within this Schedule if they wish.   

If Shows/Events choose to run these sections as outlined in the Rulebook, then qualifications gained in these sections can go through to HOY 2016.  If Shows/Events choose not to run sections as outlined in the MSS, then any awards gained within those sections cannot qualify for HOY.  

As a result ‘Rising Star’ Titles are being replaced with ‘Novice’ Classes/Titles to fall in line with the new MSS.     There will be Novice lead up classes and you must be still be a Novice going into the Title Class. The Novice lead up classes will count for wins so it’s up to the individual competitor to manage this.    

5 August – RAS Equestrian Rules

The rules are available under Equestrian – Rulebook


22 July – HOY Update

As you are aware new event management has been appointed for Horse of the Year.  However they have yet to make an appointment for the Equestrian Director, and until they do, RAS’s hands are tied.  We cannot confirm times, dates, qualification forms or schedules until we have spoken directly to the Equestrian Director.  We are continuing to work quietly behind the scenes and when possible we will place updates and any other information on the website.

 7 July 2015 Equestrian Rule Change Notification – Stallions & Colts at A&P Shows/Events


  1. All stallions and colts (with the exception of Miniature horses and foals) must be shown in a bit.
  2. A Steward will order any stallion/colt considered out of control or to be causing undue disquiet to other horses from the ring without recourse from the stallion/colt’s owner/exhibitor/competitor.
  3. It is compulsory for all stallions and colts, except foals, to wear two (2) official ‘S” identification badges, one attached to each side of their bridle, at all Shows/Events at all times. The rider must also wear two RAS official (2) armbands (one on each arm) when in the ring. ‘S’ badges to be purchased from RAS Head Office or ESNZ; armbands from RAS Head Office.
  4. Handlers and Riders of stallions/colts must wear an approved Hi Viz vest at Shows/Events when outside the showing ring. Vests can be purchased from RAS Head Office.

6 July 2015 Equestrian Rule Change Notification – Age of Riders


  1. Rider/Handler’s age and eligibility is determined as per the 1 August i.e. Riders/handlers who are of age for any division/section on the 1 August complete the show year/ season in that division/section.
  2. Lead Rein classes are restricted to riders under eight (8) years of age with a minimum age of four (4) years, who are not competing in any other sections at any A&P Show/Event. To be led by an attendant fourteen (14) years of age or over.
  3. First Ridden classes are restricted to riders under ten (10) years of age, who are not competing in any other sections at any A&P Show/Event.
  4. Novice pony exhibits (except Novice Pony Stallions) may be ridden by a rider of any age.
  5. Novice pony stallions must be led or ridden by a rider fourteen (14) years and over.
  6. Open pony exhibits (also see CDE 12 h) must be ridden by riders under seventeen (17) years of age.
  7. Open pony stallions must be ridden by a rider fourteen (14), or fifteen (15), or sixteen (16) years of age, led handlers must be fourteen (14) years and over.
  8. Riders in horse rings (exhibits over 148cm) must be twelve (12) years and over.
  9. Stallions over 148cm must be led or ridden by a rider seventeen (17) years of age or older.

3 July 2015 –RAS Media Release – Rural Ambassador Winner

10 May 2015 – HOY Qualifiers for Werribee

 Congratulations to the winners of the following classes at HOY.  These riders/horses/ponies are eligible to compete at Werribee.  As the RAS does not collate or process the entries or results for HOY, we do not have access to the contact details of the winners; however by posting this on the RAS website, we hope it will be brought to the applicable people’s attention.
To date there has been no formal process for forming a team.  Individuals have either grouped together or gone over on their own initiative.  The RAS is investigating the possibilities of a support structure for the future; however it is not available at present.  We wish all the qualifiers that choose to go over, the best of luck and offer support in forwarding on any information that comes to hand.
At this time there is no further information from Werribee but when it becomes available, a notice will be placed on the RAS website.
Class 336 Senior Rider over 21 years
Class 337 Show Pony 128cm
Class 338 Show Pony 138cm
Class 339 Show Pony 148cm (In Australia this Pony qualifies for the Small Galloway Classification)
Class 340 Rider 15-21 years
Class 344 Saddle Hunter Pony 128cm
Class 345 Saddle Hunter Pony 138cm
Class 346 Saddle Hunter Pony 148cm (In Australia this Pony qualifies for the Small Galloway Show Hunter)
Class 350 Lead Rein Pony Rider
Class 362 Lead Rein Pony of the Year
Class 363 First Year Ridden Pony Rider
Class 355 First Ridden Pony
Class 367 Saddle Hunter
Class 358 Park Hack (Depending on the height of the winner this horse might qualify for the large galloway or hack category in Australia)
Class 360 Hack
Class 361 Junior Rider 12 years & under
Class 362 Intermediate Rider 13-16

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